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I’m surprised how many current LA landmen are unaware of this, but back around 1970 Amoco, Shell, Texaco, Gulf and Atlantic Richfield began storing all of their thousands of Louisiana abstracts in the South LA Abstract Archives’ (“SLA”) storage facility in New Orleans.  SLA had the same type of storage agreement with all of the other major oil companies and many independents.   This storage arrangement with each company provided that the company could store and check out any of its abstracts for free, in exchange for giving SLA the right to rent out those abstracts to third parties.


Whenever we needed to abstract a proposed drillsite lease or unit in LA, our first call would be to SLA to find out if they already had abstracts on those tracts.  With fingers crossed, we hoped that they would tell us that they did, because it would save us (most importantly) weeks of abstracting time and secondly, tens of thousands in abstracting costs (even more, if those abstracts were ours).  Those abstracting time and cost savings are still available for your land team to capture.  Your landmen just need to call or email Charlie Miller at Louisiana Land Abstracts (contact info in the email below), who have recently purchased SLA.   Of course, you’ll still need to order new abstracts from the end date of the base abstract to present, but you’re still getting a huge head start with time/cost savings.

I really hope this helps your land team and company.  To a smaller degree, it would also help industry shareholders like me.

Tom Lee

BP Retiree (Amoco/BP Landman 1980-2009)

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